Eden Alternative; Memory Loss; Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services (OPRS)

We want to start with a big congratulations to host Joel Wrobbel on the 5th anniversary of the Journey Through Aging program…and a thank you to all of the dedicated listeners out there. We hope that you find this program to be the great resource that it is meant to be! On this week’s program Joel and his guests discuss Sunday’s Super Bowl, highlights of Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services, and how the art community can provide resources for those living with memory loss. He also shares a parable from the Eden Alternative…Caleb’s Basket. Filling our lives with what?

Click the links to listen to one of four segments from the Saturday, February 6, 2016, radio program.

Segment 1: Super Bowl Weekend / 5 Year Celebration of Journey Through Aging ~ Click here to listen

Segment 2: Parable: Caleb’s Basket – Filling our Lives with??? ~ Click here to listen

Segment 3: Highlights of Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services ~ Click here to listen

Segment 4: Resources Provided by the Art Community for those Living w/Memory Loss ~ Click here to listen

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