Loved One w/Memory Loss; Also Discussions w/Dr. Roger Landry, Missy Buchanan and Charyll Newman

My guests and I talk about what to expect when caring for a loved one living with memory loss. I also have discussions with Dr. Roger Landry and Missy Buchanan. We wrap up with a learning moment on handling change.

Click the links to listen to one of four segments from the Saturday, December 27, 2014, radio program.

Segment 1: Expectations when Caring for a Loved One Living w/Memory Loss ~ Click here to listen

Segment 2: How to Make Neuroplasticity Happen as We Age, Dr. Roger Landry ~ Click here to listen

Segment 3: Missy Buchanan Discusses her Book, Joy Boosters ~ Click here to listen

Segment 4: Learning Moment on Handling Change with Charyll Newman ~ Click here to listen

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