A Second Set of Ears, Gift Giving, Author Ron Pevny, Dr. Roger Landry

My guests and I talk about a second set of ears and gift giving for those living in a senior community. I also have discussions with author Ron Pevny regarding his book “Conscious Living, Conscious Aging” and Dr. Roger Landry about his book “Live Long, Die Short”.

Click the links to listen to one of four segments from the Saturday, December 13, 2014, radio program.

Segment 1: Inspiration by Gayle Roy: A Second Set of Ears ~ Click here to listen

Segment 2: Author Ron Pevny, “Conscious Living, Conscious Aging” ~ Click here to listen

Segment 3: Preventative Medicine physician, Dr. Roger Landry discusses his book, “Live Long, Die Short” ~ Click here to listen

Segment 4: Today’s Learning Moment with Cheryl Newman: Gift Giving for Those Living in a Retirement Community ~ Click here to listen

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