Journey Through Aging – November 5, 2011

The month of November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.  All month long the Journey Through Aging Radio Program will explore several aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and care issues for both the caregiver and for those who are living with memory loss and dementia.

The November 5, 2011 Radio Program highlights

Segment 1 – Learn the Fact or Fiction Question of the Day and Joel reviews upcoming dates.

Segment 2 – Radio Host Joel talks with Jacqueline Marcell, author of Elder Rage…Take My Father. Please! How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents. She shares her story which allows us to learn from her experience.

Segment 3 – Joel reviews the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. He also speaks with Dr. Roger Landry with Masterpiece Living about how to lower our risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

Segment 4 – Financial matters – What does those initials after a financial planner’s name mean? Joel provides helpful insights so you can find the right professional to help your family with financial planning.

Learn more about the resources offered today.

Click here to learn more about Jacqueline Marcell and request her book.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Roger Landry

Click here to request the handout Host Joel Wrobbel is offering on Financial Designations

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