Journey Through Aging – September 17, 2011

The September 17, 2011 radio Program informs you about a new statewide quarterly newsletter called OPRS Living which is available to anyone who asks for a copy.  OPRS Living will provide you with news and views for a vibrant life. During the radio program your host Joel Wrobbel will explore how to select a retirement location, what is adult day services and how to prevent a fall.

Segment 1 – Joel informs listeners about a new statewide newsletter called OPRS Living

Segment 2 – Joel continues his series about questions to consider when selecting a retirement location. Today’s programs explores four questions

Segment 3 – Brooke Justiniano with Senior Independence concludes her series about Adult Day Services

Segment 4 – September 23 is when Autumn begins, and a reminder that preventing falls is very important. Joel will reviews four ways to prevent a fall and to stay safe and healthy.

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