Journey Through Aging – June 4, 2011

The June 4th, 2011 radio program explores the idea of celebrating those who graduate from work life into retirement life.  Dr. Christina Butler helps us explore, through an extended conversation, the topic of graduating into elderhood.  Discovering the new role retiree’s will have in retirement life.  In segment 4 we highlight one of the 11 OPRS communities and discover what makes Llanfair Retirement Community hear about many upcoming communities events offered throughout the state of Ohio.

Segment 1 – Inspirational thought for the day and an interview with Dr. Christina Butler, retirement coach.
Segment 2 – Continue interview Dr. Christina Butler – 5 general guidelines for retirees
Segment 3 – Continue interview Dr. Christina Butler – What a retirement Coach can do for you
Segment 4 – Discover Llanfair Retirement Community

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