Journey Through Aging – May 21, 2011

On Saturday, May 21 at 8am, Joel Wrobbel, radio host of Journey Through Aging will be speaking to national author Beth Baker about nursing home care across America.  In May, our country celebrates National Nursing Home week…Joel explores the question “Can we really call nursing homes a home?”

Segment 1 interview with Beth Baker, author talking about nursing home care in America.

Segment 2 – Beth Baker conversation continues.

Segment 3 concludes our conversation with Jennifer Heston as she finishes her teaching on the 10 guiding Principles of the Eden Alternative.  This Saturday we look at Principle 10.

Segment 4 we talk to Donna Wilburn about having a joint replacement surgery and what the experience in a Rehabilitation center is like.

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You can continue the converstion with Beth Baker at

Listen to the May 28th program – Dr. Bill Thomas, physician, author and co-founder of the Eden Alternative will be on the radio program.

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